Forced to Change ..   ‘Sometimes we refuse to recognize the signs of change.  Even though we have a personal wellness plan made of positive practices, there is no guarantee of the desired outcome.  I can also tell you that your personal wellness plan will save you in the midst of a health crisis.  I […]
If I Needed You… Please complete the thought.  My mind must be playing tricks on me, I’m feeling as though you wouldn’t come running.  Before you ask yourself that question, think about all the times you didn’t take care of that special loved one called SELF.  Now is the time to coming running to your […]
Confessions of a Broken Heart I sport a broken heart tattoo behind my ear for a reason.  Love is not for the weak or judgmental.  You must approach the Energy with grace and humility.   You are Love.  You are not broken. Often times, we fantasize about the beauty of love, forgetting the Journey.  We […]
The Greatest Love of All   The Heart is the greatest gift.  Our direct connection to the strenth of GOD.  May all that are drawn to these words, manifest all the love and protection the Soul desires, you are one with your creator.  Let not the negativity of other social Energies diffuse your light within.. […]
Enjoying The Sexual Energy All of us have heard the saying, ” You gotta be able to please yourself to please someone else”, or have you?   Sex is an energy that can take over your thoughts and actions if allowed to run wild.  The desire for human connection and sexual satisfaction is as old […]
Remember, you are someone special…. Take a moment and breath in the beauty of you. Exhale the fear of loneliness as you embrace the warmth of life. Wishing you a fabulous Valentines Day Love, Ms Pegg
Love Hibernation The benefits of seclusion can be overwhelming to some.  Your craving  to be alone always comes at the right time.  You are rebuilding your thought process.  Letting go of the preconceptions that caused you pain.  Accepting the unconditional love you were born to feel and share Taking your next step in the healing […]