Getting What You Want The Law of Attraction, getting back what you give, visualizing the love you desire.   All of these are the same, you are the difference in your happiness.  We all dream of sharing our life with that perfect partner, one who loves us unconditionally.  Do you love yourself unconditionally? Getting what […]
Menorial Day Memories A celebration of those mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, our loved ones, who gave all.. As I prepared myself, as I prayed and mediated, as I scoured the internet watching Memorial Day speeches and listening to others share their  history of this Holiday, all I could do was think of the […]
Guaranteed Love We all know that relationships are not always easy.  We find love, we lose love.  What are you searching for?  Sex, love, companionship?  Look within and live the life you desire.  You must be honest with yourself, only you can create the love that is guaranteed to satisfy.  Don’t waste time blaming others […]
The Spirit of Love My Spirit is filled with good intent Why does my heart ache? Healing the past, the present and the future. Our Love journey is not guaranteed to be easy.  You must focus on living in the moment, not on what happened five minutes ago, yesterday has taken its turn.  Get up […]
Love Warnings  There is a dark side to this beautiful entity we call Love.  There have been endless numbers of murders, suicides, stalkings and illnesses that have touched our lives, thanks to Love.  Don’t allow life to be  your sacrifice. Inntuition is a very important part of you, listen to your heart and mind.  Trust […]
Wake Up Love Welcome to another year of love possibilities.  Personal growth and prosperity surround you.  I invite you to join me on a self improvement journey designed for love.  Are you ready for a true love awakening? There is no way to force the experience.  You have to engage yourself with those who love […]
Holiday Love Hunger… This time of year can be lonely for those of us without a special someone.  Empty dinner tables, reservations for one, the desire for companionship is at an all time high.  Will you be dining alone? Your eyes are closed to the obvious. No need to hunger for love,  close your eyes […]
Falling for Love Tis the season to snuggle and sip on your favorite hot beverage.  I prefer to do this in the company of someone I can trust.  Do you have someone to share with?  Falling for love is a process of  letting go and reflecting on the important things. If you will be sipping […]
Summer Love Connection What are you waiting for?  A special summer love awaits you.  Your confidence is a blessing, now is the perfect time to reach out and touch someone new.  You can meet others on 2flydating by sending them a message.  It’s that simple!  Tag the heart located under their profile picture and add […]
Over Boundaries … Love has no limits.  You must invite the spirit of love to flow through your heart with freedom.  Release your fear of learning someone or something new.  Trust in your sense of intuition and act accordingly. What is holding you back?  There is a world that awaits you. Remain wise with respect […]