Angel Gratitude

The Greatest Love of All   The Heart is the greatest gift.  Our direct connection to the strenth of GOD.  May all that are drawn to these words, manifest all the love and protection the Soul desires, you are one with your creator.  Let not the negativity of other social Energies diffuse your light within.. […]
Tender Loving Care Manifesting a loving relationship begins with love. Love is an Energy that you must learn to accept freely. It’s complicated and simple. Satisfying and leaves you hungry for more. You will recognize love by its Empathy. The light that warms you and allows you to be free. Be the love you wish […]
Better You Better Sex It’s  okay to be selfish with the energy of an orgasm.  Sex is a powerful energy which can become addictive and over power your Love Energy. You need to Master the gifts before you give them away! Some of us have found ourselves lying in a space of desperation.  Allowing ourselves […]
Love and Practicality You are the one thing you seek the most, love.  Healing consists of awareness, opening your eyes to all that is not meant for you.  Letting go of that which causes you pain.  Don’t allow any negative feeling to resonate.  Sensitive people need extra protection.  You must trust in the love of […]