Reiki Diaries

Enjoying The Sexual Energy All of us have heard the saying, ” You gotta be able to please yourself to please someone else”, or have you?   Sex is an energy that can take over your thoughts and actions if allowed to run wild.  The desire for human connection and sexual satisfaction is as old […]
Tender Loving Care Manifesting a loving relationship begins with love. Love is an Energy that you must learn to accept freely. It’s complicated and simple. Satisfying and leaves you hungry for more. You will recognize love by its Empathy. The light that warms you and allows you to be free. Be the love you wish […]
Better You Better Sex It’s  okay to be selfish with the energy of an orgasm.  Sex is a powerful energy which can become addictive and over power your Love Energy. You need to Master the gifts before you give them away! Some of us have found ourselves lying in a space of desperation.  Allowing ourselves […]
Breaking the Love Cord You have an attachment that restricts your Spiritual growth.  A negative force that plays on your kindness and ability to forgive.  Cutting this cord is a matter of looking within. You need to seek out an Energy Healer, someone to jump start your vibration, a boost of light.  Depending on the […]
Master Of Love Here we are, searching for the love our hearts desire.  Manifesting the respect we long for is a commitment of self love.  You are what you believe yourself to be. I believe I am…… Love Peace Respect Healing is a personal journey of balance.  Don’t allow yourself to forget about you, practice […]
Understanding  Who are you thinking about?  If you are prepared to give me an answer, your journey of love has been altered by your ego.  Beware of the temptation to please others.  True Peace surrounds you in healing light as you let go of all expectations. Your vision of love is unique, trust that you […]
Getting What You Want The Law of Attraction, getting back what you give, visualizing the love you desire.   All of these are the same, you are the difference in your happiness.  We all dream of sharing our life with that perfect partner, one who loves us unconditionally.  Do you love yourself unconditionally? Getting what […]
Guaranteed Love We all know that relationships are not always easy.  We find love, we lose love.  What are you searching for?  Sex, love, companionship?  Look within and live the life you desire.  You must be honest with yourself, only you can create the love that is guaranteed to satisfy.  Don’t waste time blaming others […]
Love Warnings  There is a dark side to this beautiful entity we call Love.  There have been endless numbers of murders, suicides, stalkings and illnesses that have touched our lives, thanks to Love.  Don’t allow life to be  your sacrifice. Inntuition is a very important part of you, listen to your heart and mind.  Trust […]
Wake Up Love Welcome to another year of love possibilities.  Personal growth and prosperity surround you.  I invite you to join me on a self improvement journey designed for love.  Are you ready for a true love awakening? There is no way to force the experience.  You have to engage yourself with those who love […]