Angel Gratitude

Ms Pegg Talks Love, Sex and Relationships

Tender Loving Care

Manifesting a loving relationship begins with love.

Love is an Energy that you must learn to accept freely.

It’s complicated and simple.

Satisfying and leaves you hungry for more.

You will recognize love by its Empathy.

The light that warms you and allows you to be free.

Be the love you wish to feel.

We all have our moments of darkness, those days we feel as though we can’t see the light.  When you feel this way, reach out to your Soul family. Those who understand and are able to display Empathy.

If you are dating or connected to someone during this time, don’t be afraid to show your true self, you will then see their true self.  We all need a little TLC from our special someone from time to time.

The most important energy is you.  Within you is the ability to rise above the darkness.  Ask your Angels and God to lift you up.  Reach out to those within your circle of love.  Listen to your music, wear your essential oils, carry a healing stone. Never hide or become embarrased. You are not alone.

Ms. Pegg