Ms Pegg Talks Love, Sex and Relationships

Love Hibernation

The benefits of seclusion can be overwhelming to some.  Your craving  to be alone always comes at the right time.  You are rebuilding your thought process.  Letting go of the preconceptions that caused you pain.  Accepting the unconditional love you were born to feel and share

Taking your next step in the healing process is a matter of balance.  Time is a no relevant factor on your love of life journey.  You are now aware that the lessons of love come to you as you manifest what is meant for your higher good.  What are you manifesting?

Take this moment to think about nothing but love.

Warm, enlightening, light.

Love is a powerful Energy.

You are powerful and kind, just as the light.

As you sit alone…. Breathe in the beauty that surrounds you

Exhale your fear and desperation

You are the Love you so desperately desire <3

Ms Pegg