Ms Pegg Talks Love, Sex and Relationships

Enjoying The Sexual Energy

All of us have heard the saying, ” You gotta be able to please yourself to please someone else”, or have you?   Sex is an energy that can take over your thoughts and actions if allowed to run wild.  The desire for human connection and sexual satisfaction is as old as time itself.   The key is to be selective.  Sharing this energy can be dangerous as well as pleasurable.

First, you need to build up your energy by connecting with yourself in a sexual way.  We are going to practice Sexual meditation.  Prepare your environment as you would during a sexual encounter invoking someone else.   Put on your favorite music, smell goods, etc.  Allow your mind to open up to the Energy of All that surrounds you.

You embody the power and will to manifest the desired outcome, sexual satisfaction.  Breathing is essential.  Allow your lips to part slightly, eyes closed.  Inhale the touch of the moment as you tighten the kiegel muscle.    Exhale that which holds you down, kiegel muscle still held closed, push out the fear.  Stimulate your mind and control the very essence of that which is meant for you.  Maintain the Energy internally, not releasing the energy, allowing it to empower you.

Practice makes Perfect!

Ms. Pegg