Angel Gratitude

Ms Pegg Talks Love, Sex and Relationships

The Greatest Love of All


The Heart is the greatest gift.  Our direct connection to the strenth of GOD.  May all that are drawn to these words, manifest all the love and protection the Soul desires, you are one with your creator.  Let not the negativity of other social Energies diffuse your light within..  GOD SENDS HIS ANGELS TO GUIDE AND PROTECT YOU.

The greatest love of all awaits your acceptance.  You will worship in a manner of PEACE and LOVE.  Do not lay down the gifts off intuition.

As I have not forgotten to hold you high above the danger, through your Prayer and Meditation, you are forever Healing.

Living in the moment removes Anxiety and doubt.

Allow God to fulfill his promises to you.

Ms Pegg


Truth does not flow through the Souls of all.  You must remain wise and open to disappointment.  Remember, you are merely a Soul confined to the body, allow Prayer and  Meditation to guide you.  We are not in control of others and their actions of betrayal.  LOVE THYSELF unconditionally.