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Confessions of a Broken Heart

I sport a broken heart tattoo behind my ear for a reason.  Love is not for the weak or judgmental.  You must approach the Energy with grace and humility.   You are Love.  You are not broken.

Often times, we fantasize about the beauty of love, forgetting the Journey.  We wrestle with our feelings as if they are made of clay.  Forgetting that Love must flow freely within so that we feel it from others.  Is the struggle real?  Of course it is.

You must put in the effort to heal.  Wipe away the falsehoods that cloud you.  Embrace the Love God has put into your life.  Loving yourself will bring balance to all aspects of life.  Stop being so hard on yourself and continue to heal.


I promise not to doubt

I promise to appreciate

I promise to tell myself

I am not the brokenness of my heart

Ms. Pegg