leonard thoms

Gender man
Seeking woman
Age 59
Country United States
State Colorado
City Englewood

like to start my life again after i had lost my late-wife. I had a very happy marriage when she was alive. I'm gentle caring and loving man. I am very warm and tender and emotional person.

I like to find a matured woman who is tender and loving, not the shouting and aggressive type. I want to find a wife who is understanding and rational to get all my love, feelings and care. I'm full of humor and like jokes and laughter. It will be good if you are able to socialize with family members and friends.

I love to cook and do house work. I like the sea and holidays. Donna, If we can both work hand in hand to make this relationship i want have with work better, I'm ready to work hard to give you good life. Hope you can adapt yourself to the Italian and Mexican culture. I'm a very flexible and easy going and adapt to all types of cultures.  Generally a homely person and like to create happy and loving family. I hold a University degree in Civil Engineering and work as a Contractor, i do specialize on Building Construction, Bridge Construction, Construction of drainage and Road Construction, i work for government and big Consulting Companies all over the world. I am very successful at my career.